About Us At Color With Fuzzy

Hi! Thank you for visiting. We're glad to have you here to use and to share our printable coloring pages.

We're a family of artists who remember those rosy-cozy days of our own childhoods when coloring was so much fun.

We speak through our Fuzzy Bear so that it's more fun for you to share our coloring pages with your family and friends - especially your children.

We love kids and we love coloring pages, so this is a great mix for us. 

Fuzzy's Printable Coloring Pages

We're a family of ten. All eight of our kids enjoyed coloring. My wife and I enjoyed it when we were little, so we thought that it would be fun to create coloring pages so that little kids could have easy access to coloring pages.

All our children have worked on this website in some way, so it's a real family effort. It's been a great education for all of us learning how to do this.

We hope that you continuously keep coming as I hope to add coloring pages for years and years. Mom usually does most of the website work so you can see more about her at

A Special Note From Fuzzy

If you like what you find, share with the world. If you find something that needs to be fixed, contact me.

Thank you for visiting!