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I'm Fuzzy! 

I have thousands of printable coloring pages! Your kids will love that I'm a little fuzzy bear and can share my coloring sheets with you!

Hint: Both kids and adults love these printables.

  • Find simple and cheerful kids pages.
  • Or challenging and creative adult coloring pages.

Follow along through wonderful pages that are both printable and interactive. You can print them as is from the screen, or file your favorites! Kids, Adults, Themed Printables and more.

Scroll down to see what interactive means on this page. :-)

~ Fuzzy

Fun Printable Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults. Enjoy!Thank you for sharing my printable coloring pages for kids and adults!

See Hundreds Of Holiday Coloring Pages:

* Special Note To Teachers And Parents

Teachers, Moms and Dads are super handy at improving a picture to make it pretty.

If you show your students your own colored pictures or my examples on my website, the children will be motivated to make their own pictures look nice. You'll also probably have many who will try to do exactly what you did! 

  • Model your best to guide the rest!

Remember: Imitation is the sincerest compliment.

100s of Adult Coloring Pages:

1000s of Printable Animal Coloring Pages:

100s Of Printable Birthday Coloring Pages:

100s More Pattern and Geometric Coloring Pages:

Over 100 Sports Coloring Pages:

1. What Are Interactive Printable Coloring Pages?

* Surprise! You Can Customize Your Coloring Pages

Interactive Coloring PagesInteractive Printable Coloring Pages - Customize your favorites with fun text fonts, colors, and sizes!

These are regular PDF printables. No surprise there, yet they have a new feature whereby they are interactive.

What does interactive mean? It means that you can customize my PDF coloring pages. See that airplane above? I wrote all over it using my keyboard. You can, too!

Cool! Interactive means that you can write your name 

  • in any font you like, 
  • in the color that you like, 
  • or the size that you like.

Once you download my coloring PDFs, you can customize them over and over again.

You can also save different variations or print them plain, as they are.

I may make a small commission through offsite links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Crayola has my favorite colors because their crayons, paints, and markers color so smoothly on any kind of paper.

* Personalize And Send Notes On Printable Coloring Pages

This is so cool! You can write notes for family and friends. 

See the note that I put at the top of this picture of Dad? See the B on the boy's shirt? I typed them in before I printed this coloring page.

You can, too!

  • Make a happy birthday message for Mom with my flowers and happy birthday cards!
  • Welcome Daddy home from a tour overseas with my military coloring themes!
  • Make a cheerful note for Grandma and Grandpa with my airplane and farm animal coloring sheets!
  • My pictures can be printable greeting cards for any season.

* Use Printable Coloring Pages To Make Homemade Cards

Printable Christmas Coloring CardsCustomize and print holiday cards using your printer's booklet setting.

Another wonderful thing you can do with my printable coloring pages is use your printer's booklet setting. This prints the image on one half of the page so you can fold the paper or card stock in half to make a card: landscape or portrait.

You can also use the multiples setting to print four up. This is really sweet for having a doll party, where even the dolls have pages to color! Oops. I mean a teddy bear party. :-)

  • Make a birthday card.
  • Make a get well card.
  • Welcome Daddy home from overseas.
  • Welcome Mom home from the hospital.
  • Make homemade Christmas cards.
  • Make doll pages for a doll party.

2. Kids Printable Coloring Pages

Fun coloring pages for kidsKids have fun when they color with Fuzzy!

Animal Coloring Pages – I just love animals! Do you? See printable PDFs of farm animals like dogs, cats, horses, and cows; forest animals like deer, owls, squirrels, and wolves; and zoo animals like exotic birds, giraffes, lions, and tigers, and bears! Say, can you spot me there?

Seasonal Coloring Sheets – Oh, the four seasons! Each one is lovely and each has a whole lot of fun themes. Spring has its wonderful flowers, butterflies, and trees. Summer is exciting with vacations, camping, and no school! Fall is a fun time to get back to school to see friends and learn new things. Winter delights me with Christmas, snow, and sports.

 3. Adult Coloring Pages

Adult Coloring Pages - I love making inspirational and beautiful pictures that adults like to use for doodling, artistic release, and therapy. Keeping a clip board handy with some abstract coloring sheets tucked inside provides stress relief on tap. 

I also have many complex pages on my animal, flower, and geometric pages. I love Celtic designs and detailed pattern pages. Mirrored floral images are my favorites.

4. Themed Coloring Pages

Holiday Coloring Pages – Celebrating the New Year is fun! Get out the fireworks and party favors for a fun time. I really like patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July and special days like Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Easter – Easter Sunday is the day Jesus rose from the dead. What a great thing! Celebrate with our Jesus and bunny printables.

Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving turkeys, pumpkin pie, and corn! Yum! Do you help Mom make Thanksgiving dinner? I love helping because Mom gives me little jobs that I can do. That way, I'm a big helper! Sometimes she gives me treats!

Christmas – I just love seeing Baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph. Do you celebrate with Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, gifts, and wonderful food? I do! It's fun to give printable coloring pages as gifts!

Birthdays - Speaking of gifts and parties, I love birthday parties. I have over one hundred birthday pictures to color and you can add your own birthday messages.

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