Advanced Adult Coloring Pages 

Adult Coloring Pages: This Old HouseI have more than forty adult coloring pages here!

Oh, how I love to color! My adult coloring pages include flowers, animals and geometrics. I've worked hard to be sure to have a collection of detailed coloring sheets on this page. I will put my more difficult pictures here or link to them from here so that you can find them easily.

You'll find both simple and complex designs all throughout my site, yet I'm linking to the more advanced pages here to make it easy for you to find inspirational doodle food and stress relief. 

Welcome to my site and have a great day!

~ Fuzzy

Your kids will love these PDF printable coloring pages. Fun to customize and color. Add your name or write a birthday message in your favorite fonts, SIZES, and colors. You'll love using interactive coloring pages to print!

  • Use your printer's booklet setting for birthday cards.
  • Use the multiples setting for doll sized printables two to four up.

Get your favorite crayons, coloring pencils, and watercolors for my relaxing adult coloring pages! ~Fuzzy

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  1. Adult Flower Coloring Pages
  2. Adult Building Coloring Pages
  3. Adult Level Designs and Whimsey
  4. Geometric Adult Coloring Pages

Adult Coloring Pages To Print

1. Flower Coloring Pages For Adults

See scores more flowers to color here with lots of asters or daisies, lilies, roses, and sunflowers.

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2. Architectural Coloring Pages For Adults

Old Houses, Cities, Churches, Europe Coloring

I have more house coloring sheets too.

3. Whimsical Coloring Pages For Adults

Adult Christmas Coloring Pages

See more Nativity and Christmas tree coloring pictures here.

Gingerbread Houses And Holiday Wreath Coloring Pages For Adults

I also have tons more Christmas pages to color. See my holiday pages.

Detailed Patterns and Stained Glass Coloring Pictures

Fuzzy has loads more intricate designs: Celtic, Pattern, and Geometric Coloring pages.

Patriotic And Hometown Fun Adult Coloring Pages

See more star and 4th of July coloring pages here.

Halloween Scarecrows To Color

I keep my Halloween coloring pages here.

4. Geometric Adult Coloring Pages

Adults love coloring geometric coloring pages. There's always something interesting to see in all the tiny details. Sometimes you can see different pictures in the geometric shapes. Sharpen your coloring pencils for these coloring sheets!

More Free Coloring Pages For Adults

Fuzzy Loves Coloring Detailed Pictures

I love that they are now making coloring books for adults. Personally, I love to keep my coloring books through the years, especially if they are themed coloring books and one of my favorites is Dover's collection of coloring books. Coloring has a stress relieving effect for me, so I just focus on filling in the details to de-stress.

  • Here's an idea. Put a few coloring sheets in a clip board for airline flights, the doctor's waiting room, and other times when it's good to have something light and creative.
  • If you use gray ink or the minimum ink that your printer will print, you can color over the lines for using these as sketches.
  • Did you know that if you use light blue ink on a piece of graph paper that you can scan the final image without the blue lines showing? Using blue ink for these pictures can do the same thing if you are making a pencil drawing.

If you know people in nursing homes you can brighten their days by printing some of these and bringing nice crayons, markers, or coloring pencils. Personally, I like coloring pencils best and Crayola is the brand that we've used to color the pictures in the photos on this website.

Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy. I hope you enjoy my adult coloring pages!

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100s of Adult Coloring Pages:

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Adult Coloring Page: Floral GeometricSee scores of fun adult coloring pages here!