Printable Bee Coloring Pages
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Color with Fuzzy!

My printable bee coloring pages are interactive which means you can customize them in your favorite fonts, colors, and sizes.

Did you know that bees help our flowers? They are good for trees, too. They help farmers grow more fruits, nuts and other crops. 

Bees live in bee hives. They stay busy harvesting pollen to make honey for themselves and for us. Yum!


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1. Realistic Bee Pictures To Color

Some of these bee pictures are realistic. You can see bee hives and bees on flowers here.

2. Cute Bee Coloring pages

Aren't these bees cute?! I like the baby bee and the queen bee. Which is your favorite?

3. Funny Coloring Sheets  With Bee Themes

Some of these are funny honey bees. 

Fuzzy Loves Bees

When I was little my Dad had several bee hives. A farmer friend showed us how to keep the hives nice and cool. Then he showed us how to harvest the honey. We had lots of honey and the bees had plenty to get through the winter. Neat!

Bumble bees are big and they do not make honey, but they still help the flowers and crops. Where there are flowers there are bees!

Bees are usually colored yellow and black. To make a page bright use pink, orange, and purple in the flowers and backgrounds. Blue and purple really set off the color yellow for a bright effect.

Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!