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Print my baseball coloring pages, and then choose your team's favorite colors. Choose a baseball catcher, batter, or runner.

Which position do you play?

I like to be the catcher. Being a teddy bear I'm good at catching, but I'm not always the best runner.

I like T-ball because we don't always have a pitcher. Otherwise I love to go to a baseball game where I might catch a fly ball in the outfield.

Remember to root for the home team!

~ Fuzzy

Fun Baseball Coloring Pages

Baseball Coloring PagesDozens of baseball coloring pages.

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  1. Baseball Players
  2. Baseball Equipment
  3. Diamond, Charts, and Trophy

1.  Baseball Player Coloring Pages

1A. Basebal Pitcher Coloring Pages

"Play ball!" This pitcher throws a fast ball. Use a black crayon to draw a pitcher's mound touching his foot

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Preschool and elementary school kids will love Fuzzy's ad-free PDF printable coloring pages. These digital coloring pages for kids and adults are fun to customize and color for preschool, kindergarten, and homeschool.

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  • Kindergarten children love these in school and at home!

Also, get your favorite crayons, coloring pencils, and watercolors ready for my relaxing adult coloring pages!

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This next pitcher is winding up for a great pitch!

Ready, set, aim! Keep your eye on the ball!

What a cute baseball pitcher for preschool!

What on earth is this baseball pitcher doing?!

Sometimes, this is the way it feels!

1B. Baseball Batter Coloring Pages

Hey batter, batter, batter. Swing!

Wow! This baseball batter hit the ball out of the park!

This would make a great baseball poster for announcements. The batter is ready. Are you?

This is a super cute preschool batter coloring page for your All Star player!

Oh, no. He bunted the ball!

"Batter's up!" This batter is ready for action.

This baseball batter is in good form for the home town team. Practice your swing till you get it right.

Babe Ruth was a famous baseball player who broke records hitting home runs. 

This batter is ready and waiting for the ball.

Oh boy. Here's another bunt!

What a cute kindergarten coloring page! This batter's got the ball.

This is a sweet picture of waiting to get in the backyard baseball game.

Easy baseball bat, hat, and ball to color.

Dad's leaning on the baseball bat.

Keep your eye on the ball. This one's coming in fast!

1C. Catchers, Shortstops, Outfielders

The baseball catcher stands behind the batter to catch the ball when the pitcher pitches it. 

The catcher wears protective equipment like a mask, padding, and a special catcher's mitt.

See him giving signals to the pitcher?

This baseball catcher sits behind home plate ready to catch the ball if the batter misses it.

Will the batter make a strike? A fowl ball?

Youth baseball catchers have a special part to play in the game.

This outfielder is ready to catch the ball in outfield.

This cartoon coloring page is funny. How did he miss the ball?

Both the batter and the catcher are at the home plate when the pitcher throws the ball.

What a fun outfield baseball player coloring page!

Sometimes being the catcher is scary. 

Each time a new batter comes up, the pitcher throws the ball to the catcher. That's one turn in a baseball game.

Does your team use a pitch hitter or allow base runners?

Crazy baseball outfielder!

Catch the baseball!

I may make a small commission through offsite links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Crayola has my favorite colors because their crayons, paints, and markers color so smoothly on any kind of paper.

2. Baseball Equipment To Color

2.A. Baseball Glove Coloring Page

It is so nice to have a real leather baseball glove!

What color is your baseball glove? I like blue gloves. Make sure your glove can hold the ball when you catch it!

2.B. Baseball Bats To Color

Take your baseball, bat, and glove to the picnic in case anyone wants to start a baseball game.

2.C. Baseball Jerseys And Shirts

Keep your baseball uniform shirt nice and ready for game day!

Add your own stripes and number to color your own baseball shirt in your team's colors.

Color the home team's jersey and the visitor's jersey in their team colors.

2.D. Baseball Cap Coloring Pages

Did you know that sometimes people call a baseball hat a baseball cap?

This is a good looking baseball hat. Do you have yours for the game?

Slugger's hat is sure to make it easier for him to see the ball.

2.E. Baseball Gear Coloring Page

Baseball uniform raincoats come in handy when the game is cancelled. We sure do not want to be struck by lightning!

Keep a baseball jacket and pants for after the game when the evening is cooling down.

Hey wait! This is a baseball bat catching a baseball with a baseball glove. What?!

3. Baseball Diamond, Charts, and Awards

3.A. Printable Baseball Charts

Baseball Diamond Coloring Page

Have your baseball coach help you

  • Draw the home plate at Home Base in the circle.
  • Draw a pitcher's mound by the P.

Then find the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases and draw their plates.

Go left to right saying Left Field, Left Center, Right Center, and Right Field.

Can you see the Short Stop's place?

Baseball Field Diagram To Print

Printable Baseball Strike Zone Chart

This baseball chart shows the official strike zone over home plate. It is just below the top of the pants and above the bottom of the knee.

3.B. Baseball Trophy

Write your baseball team's name on the trophy to remember the moment!

3.C. Printable Baseball Award

Print a baseball awards for your winning team!

Fuzzy Loves Playing Baseball!

For many of us summer time means baseball season!

We sit through long hours of practice and equally long hours sitting on the sunny side waiting on the children to play their nine innings. Sometimes it is Dad or Mom who's playing. 

Baseball is a fun game that most of us follow easily and enjoy. When we're little we might need an explanation of baseball equipment and the rules.

It is fun to learn how the field is laid out and how the scores are kept, so maybe you could ask your Mom and Dad to explain the rules of the game.

Many of these baseball pictures also work for T-Ball players. Do you know what T-Ball is? It's like baseball; but there is no pitcher as the T holds the ball for the batter.

If you're on a team you can find the right colors and print the player for the same position you hold on your team. Color your picture and send it to family and friends or hang it on the refrigerator.

  • Off to the play offs? Color these pages in your team colors to put in the bus or van window.
  • Watching Major League Baseball? Color these players to match your favorite team as you watch the scoreboard and the team standings.
  • Do the same with your home town baseball team. 
  • You can keep a few coloring pages on a clipboard for slower moments during the game.

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Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!

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