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Beaver pictures are fun when you can see the woods and the scenery. The beaver's habitat is woods and water.

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Beavers block a creek with a dam which builds a pond. Then they build their hut in the middle of the pond. Their homes are safe from other animals and warm in the winter. 

That's so neat!


1. Realistic Beaver Coloring Pages

2. Cute Cartoon Pages Of Beavers

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Fuzzy Loves Beavers!

When I was little, I lived on a farm where the beavers made a dam. It was great for our farm animals and the deer in our woods. All of the animals had plenty of water for their habitat all year long.

We learned how huge their ponds are. Sometimes they were five to ten acres on our farm. Their dams are sometimes five feet over the water and make waterfalls when there is lots of rain. That's really neat!

Now that I see how many trees they eat and how much water they live I understand why we do not see beavers as pets or in the zoo. They'd either eat everything or swamp it!

A beaver's coloring is usually deep brown. His hands and tail often have the color black mixed with the brown.

I hope you like my beaver pages and can share them with your family and friends, especially preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Have a great week!

Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!

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