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Lovely Bible and farm donkey pages for kids to color.Sunset donkey coloring page.

Color with Fuzzy!

My donkey coloring sheets are perfect for farm animal themes or Bible study class. 

I think that long eared donkeys are cute. Little preschoolers do too. Donkeys sure have a history of being able to carry people and packages.

Get ready for some braying hee-haw fun!


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2. Cute Donkey Coloring Sheets

Fuzzy Loves Donkeys

The Daddy donkey is a Jack and the Momma is a Jennet or Jenny. Donkeys are also called burros. There are still wild burros out in the western United States. 

Donkeys eat hay just like horses and do not need a lot of other kinds of food. That's probably why they're great in the deserts.

Standard donkeys are short just perfect for kids to ride. There is a kind of donkey called the American Mammoth that is big enough for big kids and adults to ride: slow and steady. That's neat! 

In France they have long haired shaggy donkeys. I think that they would be soft and fuzzy just like me!

Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!

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Cute Donkey Coloring SheetPreschoolers love donkeys. They're so cute!