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Gorillas are fun to see at the zoo! Sometimes they monkey around more than some of the other apes. 

Other times they just sit there and stare at you. Kind of scary, but that makes it an adventure! I think it's neat that they walk on their knuckles. See below.


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Realistic Gorilla Coloring Pages

I may make a small commission if you buy through my links. See my disclosure here.

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Fun Coloring Pages Of Gorillas

Fuzzy Loves Gorillas

Gorillas have hugely long arms and they use them to walk through the grass and trees. They walk on their knuckles. I can't do that, can you?

A gorilla's coloring is usually some shades of black and gray, but they also have some brown coloring, too. The Daddy gorilla has silver hair on his back. When he feels that his family is in danger he will thump his chest to make a loud noise. Then he runs to scare off his enemy! You'll love him though, because he is really usually very gentle and quiet.

A gorilla family is called a troop. They live and travel together as a family. Baby gorillas are so cute! 

Gorillas eat lots of flowers, fruits, and leaves. There are two kinds of gorillas. Mountain gorillas live in the mountains and the lowland gorillas live in the plains and swamps. They live in central Africa, so it's pretty neat when I get to see one in a zoo where I live. 

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