Pick A Grizzly Bear Coloring Page!

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Color with Fuzzy!

Grizzly bear coloring pages make me think of exciting adventures!

Grizzly bears live in the Rocky Mountains and the northwest United States and Canada. They're huge! Even though they're still considered brown bears you can tell them by their size and the hump on their backs, especially the males.

The Daddy grizzlies are called boars, the Moms are called sows and the babies are cubs. As fearsome as the grizzly bear is the baby cubs are super cute!

Some are realistic coloring pictures and some are growling and ferocious.


1. Realistic Grizzly Bear Coloring Pages

I may make a small commission through offsite links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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2. Cute Coloring pages Of Grizzly Bears

Fuzzy Loves Grizzlies

When grizzly bears are little, they're cute! When they're hungry they're dangerous!

It's really neat to see the grizzlies fishing for salmon at the rivers in places like Alaska. Then you'd see lots of grizzly bears! They also eat other kinds of little animals and they love to find berries, fruits, nuts, and tender leaves.

Like their cousins the brown bear, the moms dig a cave in the ground that's called a den where they hibernate through the winter. Hibernating is when bears sleep through the winter and do not eat anything. Hm…. I do not think that I could do that!

Since grizzlies are brown bears, use your brown colors to color them. Rocks can be gray, brown, beige, tan, or black. And the grass and trees can be different colors of green.

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Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!