Printable Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Chilly Polar Bear Coloring Pages! Color the water and sky blue and the bears light yellow.Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Color with Fuzzy!

Polar bear coloring pages make me think of the great Arctic north! Polar bears live in a wonderful land of icebergs, rivers and plenty of snow. I love seeing pictures of them in Alaska and Canada.

You'll want to remember to "give the effect" of white in your coloring pages so use very light colors in the polar bears and snow. Sometimes light yellow works with polar bears while blues and purples work with the water. Light blues, pinks, and purples are neat in the sky, snow, and ice.

Some of my coloring pages are realistic and some of them are delightfully cute. Enjoy!


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1. Realistic Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Mama and Baby Polar Bear Coloring Page

This mamma polar bear is carrying her baby polar bear on her back. Pretty neat!

Use very light colors to keep things looking white like snow.

  • Mama and baby can be pale yellow.
  • The water can be pale purple.
  • The ice can be pale pink.
  • And the sky can be pale blue.

Try a dark blue sky for a night time effect. Cool! Or... cold!

Igloo And Polar Bear Coloring Page

This polar bear is searching for food.

Glad he missed the igloo. The Eskimos need their food, too.

Realistic Polar Bear Drawing Climbing Ice

You can pretend that it is spring and this polar bear is jumping from iceberg to iceberg. 

Or maybe it is spring and he is climbing rocks. In this case you can color the field green and the rocks gray and brown. 

Leave the polar bear white and make the sky blue.

This is such a neat polar bear drawing!

Huge Polar Bear Coloring Page

This polar bear is huge!

Color him light yellow and the ice light pink and the sky light blue.

Of course it could be summer or fall, too, so make the field green or brown and the sky deep blue or bright yellow as it is in the summer up north.

Two Cute Polar Bear Cubs To Color

These two baby polar bears are cutie pies!

They are pretty big already so you can color them light yellow or leave them white.

Then color the grass green or brown, the trees deep green and brown or gray, and the mountains deep purple.

Fishing Polar Bear Coloring Page

This polar bear is scraping the ice getting ready to go fishing! Brrrr.

Simple Polar Bear Face Coloring Page

This is an easy polar bear face for preschool and kindergarten.

You can learn about coloring backgrounds as his face is usually white as are his teeth.

Strong Polar Bear On The Rocks

This polar bear drawing shows him standing on the rocks and growling. 

Does he not like rocks? Funny bear!

Fun Hudson Polar Bear Drawing Page

See Hudson the polar bear by the tree? Polar bears roam a long way sometimes!

He could have come from Canada and the Hudson Bay!

I may make a small commission through offsite links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Crayola has my favorite colors because their crayons, paints, and markers color so smoothly on any kind of paper.

2. Cute Polar Bear Printables

Cute Polar Bear With Fish

This cute polar bear has a fish.

Maybe salmon is his dinner today!

Peek A Boo Polar Bear Coloring Page

This polar bear is playing peek-a-boo with you!

Pretend he is in the zoo and he has a green floor and a blue wall or choose your favorite colors.

Sweet Mom and Baby Polar Bear Picture

This picture shows baby polar bear playing with a daisy.

Color the field green and the sky blue.

Male Polar Bear Coloring Page

Daddy polar bear is having some fun.

He is waving hello to you! 

Santa Polar Bear Coloring Page

This polar bear is pretending to be Santa Clause.

Merry Christmas!

So Cool Polar Bear Coloring Sheet

This polar bear is playing in the shade with a drink of lemonade!

  • Color the beach a sandy color and the sky blue.
  • Color his glasses your favorite colors.

Which kind of lemonade does he have? Pink lemonade?

Preschool Polar Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page of a polar bear is easy for preschoolers because of the thick lines for coloring. 

Choose spring, summer, or fall colors for the background so the bear can stay white.

Fuzzy Loves Polar Bear Coloring Pages!

My polar bear coloring sheets have some of the polar bear's habitat like snow and ice, and even some icebergs. I've got Momma and baby polar bear drawings, too.

Polar bears are the largest land predators and live in the Great North and polar ice caps. Icebergs and snow fill their Arctic habitat. Polar bears learn to swim, too. 

You can learn to make a polar bear drawing if you trace my printables. I think that Polar bear cubs are so cute!

Did you know that polar bear babies are called cubs? I think that they are the cutest polar bears!

I love when you share my polar bear printables with preschoolers when they have other polar bear activities.

Check out my other coloring pages for kids!

Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!

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