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My wolf coloring pages are fun to customize. You can add your name or print a birthday message in your favorite fonts, sizes, and colors!

Wolves live in the woods and are so pretty at night. I have a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. You can leave the ground white to make it seem like snow. The moon can be yellow or a sunset kind of color like orange or purple.

A white wolf is neat to see. If you leave your wolf white, color his background in deep colors for a very white effect. Have fun!


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1. Realistic Wolf Coloring Pages

I may make a small commission through offsite links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Preschool and elementary school kids will love Fuzzy's ad-free PDF printable coloring pages. They are fun to customize and color for homeschool.

Add your name or write a birthday message in your favorite fonts, SIZES, and colors. You'll love using my interactive coloring pages to print! See my home page for more info on digital downloads.

  • Use your printer's booklet setting for birthday cards.
  • Use the multiples setting for doll sized printables two to four up.
  • Kindergarten children love these in school and at home!

Also, get your favorite crayons, coloring pencils, and watercolors ready for my relaxing adult coloring pages!


2. More Coloring Pages Of Wolves

Fuzzy Loves Wolves

There are many different kinds of wolf. The timber wolf is also known as the gray wolf. The arctic wolf is a white wolf and is so pretty to see against the sky. Even a jackal is in the same family as wolves are.

Wolves often live way north where it snows a lot. Their white coat helps them to hide in the snowy landscape. Wolves eat other animals so they are dangerous. They are like very large dogs. 

A wolf family is called a wolf pack. Their babies are called pups. They like to eat big animals like deer, elk, and moose. The whole family helps each other when it comes time to eat. They also like to eat little animals for snacks. 

I'm glad they do not usually eat bears! One time a wolf chased me up a tree. I was scared so I threw my honey pot at him. Big mistake. He ate all my honey. :-)

Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!

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