Detailed Pattern Coloring Pages

Color with Fuzzy!

I love to spend time on the details in these pattern coloring pages. My favorite is the rainbow pattern, but I also really like the ones with the stars.

Do you know someone who quilts? One of these designs is very much like one of my quilts. What a nice thought!  A quilt can also look like a stained glass window.

The one with a zigzag makes me think of an Aztec Indian blanket. An abstract design is really challenging and is great for stress relief.

~ Fuzzy

Preschool and elementary school kids will love Fuzzy's ad-free PDF printable coloring pages. They are fun to customize and color for homeschool.

Add your name or write a birthday message in your favorite fonts, SIZES, and colors. You'll love using my interactive coloring pages to print! See my home page for more info on digital downloads.

  • Use your printer's booklet setting for birthday cards.
  • Use the multiples setting for doll sized printables two to four up.
  • Kindergarten children love these in school and at home!

Also, get your favorite crayons, coloring pencils, and watercolors ready for my relaxing adult coloring pages!


Jump down to these coloring pages on this page:

  1. Geometric Patterns
  2. Quilt or Stained Glass Design
  3. Anti-Stress Coloring Sheets
  4. Flower Patterns - Great for outline cut outs.
  5. Celtic Designs

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1. Geometric Pattern Coloring Pages 

I have more geometric and star patterns here.

I may make a small commission through offsite links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

2. Quilt Pattern Coloring

So are these quilt, tile, or mosaic patterns? Help me decide and choose your favorite.

3. Stress Relieving Coloring Sheets 

4. Flower Pattern Coloring

I have beautiful flowers for art here.

5. Celtic Patterns To Color

I have fascinating Celtic patterns here.

Fuzzy Loves Patterns

Coloring Pages For Kids

Patterns are fun for both children and adults. 

Coloring patterns as children is a great way to learn creative perseverance. Meaning, have you colored our rainbow pattern? Whew! That's a lot of work.

It's also a great way to teach planning your colors ahead of time so you can enhance the details that you like. 

Preschoolers and kindergartners would enjoy the quilt and flower designs. Some of these others are great for older kids in first and second grade. 

Kids want stress free coloring pages and adults want stress relieving pages.... :-)

Adult Coloring Pages

Adults like the challenge of making beautiful patterns for relaxation. It's like doodling for stress relief. Addictive, anti-stress, and fun.

My Fleur De Lys pattern is a wonderful floral design to cut and color or to use for an outline project. 

I think that it is neat that retirees and nursing homes are using coloring for therapy and enjoyment. Do your Grandma and Grandpa like to color? Mine did. 

Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!

100s More Pattern and Geometric Coloring Pages: