Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Choose a Thanksgiving coloring page to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday theme. Be thankful!

Thanksgiving Coloring Page: Pilgrims In the WoodsWhat a cute Thanksgiving coloring page!

Color with Fuzzy!

I've got pilgrims and Indians, cornucopias, pumpkins and corn shocks, bountiful harvests, and delicious turkeys!

Thanksgiving Day is one of my favorite holidays! I love the fall leaves and colors, the long weekend, and all the yummy food. We can all be thankful and this is a good time for it. It feels like Friendsgiving time!

~ Fuzzy

Jump down to these coloring pages on this page:

  1. Harvest and Turkey Time.
  2. Pilgrims And Indians.
  3. Pumpkin Coloring.
  4. Thanksgiving Cornucopia.
  5. Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners and more turkeys.
  6. Thanksgiving Banners and Posters.

1. Harvest Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

You'll find a lovely Thanksgiving coloring picture here. I have pictures of turkeys, ears of corn, and shocks of corn with harvest themes.

Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

This beautiful turkey is enjoying the oak leaves and acorns. Color them with your favorite reds, browns, and gold colors.

Simple Thanksgiving Coloring Page

This is one proud turkey!

His simple lines make him easy to color for preschool Thanksgiving crafts. Kindergarten kids love him too.

He also makes a great cut out project. Enjoy!

Fun Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets

This is a beautiful Thanksgiving turkey to color. He is so realistic!

Color the pumpkin orange for a nice pop of color.

Thanksgiving Turkeys To Color

I love these sweet Thanksgiving turkeys! They are enjoying a pretty fall day.

Color the sky a nice blue, leave the cloud perfect white, and use autumn colors in the trees. A nice green grass will brighten your picture.

Fruits Of The Harvest Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring

When coloring this harvest turkey, choose reds, purples, yellows and greens for the apples, grapes, pears, and apple leaf. The oak leaves can be red and brown. 

Autumn Harvest Coloring Page

Color and cut out this autumn harvest wreath with a turkey with a Thanksgiving theme. The grape vines and leaves can be browns and greens while the grapes can be reds, purples, and yellow green.

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Harvest Coloring Pages

A simple harvest is a beautiful thing. Enjoy these harvest coloring pages this fall!

Autumn Harvest Coloring Page

Pumpkins, grapes, apples, and pears are a great vignette for an autumn harvest coloring page. 

Thanksgiving Advent Candles Coloring Page

Usually Advent starts on Thanksgiving weekend. It is the joyful yet penitential season when we wait for Baby Jesus to come.

Color the flames one at a time, one for each of the four weeks in Advent.

Color three candles purple and one pink. Learn more about Advent here.

Scarecrow Pilgrim Thanksgiving Coloring Page

All dressed up like a pilgrim, ready for Thanksgiving Day! See the cute turkey?

Pumpkin Patch Fall Harvest Coloring Page

Autumn Harvest Coloring Pages For Thanksgiving

This is one of my favorite coloring pages for Thanksgiving. I love winter squash on Thanksgiving Day. It's warm and wonderful!

Coming Up! Three Corn Coloring Pages

Three ears of corn, two ears of corn, and corn shocks for fall decorations. A corn coloring page is lovely for Thanksgiving Day!

Corn Coloring Page For Kids

This corn coloring page is perfect for kindergarten Thanksgiving Day crafts. It has thick lines for easy color separation.

Fall And Autumn Preschool Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

This is a fun preschool Thanksgiving coloring page because its lines are so simple. See the corn and the pumpkins in the shock of corn?

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  • Kindergarten children love these in school and at home!

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2. Thanksgiving Pilgrim Coloring Pages

Choose a Thanksgiving pilgrim coloring sheet here, or see the pilgrims meeting the friendly Indians.

I think that the Indians were very nice to help the European settlers.

In a way, this was the first Friendsgiving Day. Which is your favorite Thanksgiving coloring page?

Native Indian Coloring Pages

This sweet Indian couple are partners in cuteness. Love!

Scroll down to see more Indian coloring pages.

Pilgrim And Indian Coloring Page

Remember the first Thanksgiving with two characters. "How about some corn and turkey?"

Make Peace Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Coloring Page Of A Pilgrim With A Thanksgiving Cornucopia

This cute pilgrim has a bountiful cornucopia filled with apples, pears, and a pumpkin. Beautiful!

Two Pilgrims Thanksgiving Coloring Page

This is an easy Thanksgiving coloring page for kids. Color the trees, sky, sunshine, and cloud for a bright and happy page.

Sharing The Fall Harvest

These two pilgrims are sharing their fall harvest with you. Enjoy these pumpkins, apples, and corn.

Pilgrim Girl With A Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is going to be wonderful with this turkey!

Thanksgiving Coloring Page Of Two Pilgrims

This is a darling pilgrim pair! Wish your friends a happy Thanksgiving today!

Cute Pilgrim Coloring Page

These cute pilgrims have cleared some of their land. Enjoy the fall colors and bright happy day!

Pilgrim's Dinner Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Pilgrim Girl Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Pie Pilgrim Girl Coloring Page

Mr. And Mrs. Pilgrim Coloring Page

Pilgrim and Cider Paddle Coloring Page

Pilgrim Girl With Cupcake Pocket Coloring Page

Pilgrims, Hats, And Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Preschool Thanksgiving Mayflower Ship Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Mayflower Coloring Page

Pilgrim Hat Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Turkey With Pilgrim Hat Coloring Page

3. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Printables

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet

Pretty Pumpking Coloring Page

See some Halloween pumpkin coloring printables here.

4. Thanksgiving Cornucopia Pages

I love coloring a Thanksgiving coloring page of a cornucopia!

I love the bright orange, red, and yellow colors of the gourds, apples, and pears against the brown of the cornucopia basket and the green of the stems and leaves.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Cornucopia Coloring Page

Twin Thanksgiving Cornucopias Coloring Page

Gorgeous Thanksgiving Cornucopia!

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Coloring

Stylish Cornucopia Coloring Page

Kindergarten Cornucopia Coloring Page

Autumn Cornucopia Coloring Page

Bountiful Thanksgiving Cornucopia Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Pilgrims November Coloring Page

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring

Thanksgiving turkey coloring pictures really help celebrate the holiday! See the blessing at Thanksgiving Dinner and wonderful visions of dressed turkey platters.

Christmas Or Thanksgiving Dinner Coloring Page

Share a thanksgiving prayer on Thanksgiving Day or at Christmas dinner with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page For Kids

Thanksgiving Food Coloring Page

Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page

Going Solo! Eating Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Harvest And Wild Turkey Coloring Page

Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page

Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page

Distract The Hunter! Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page

Candy Corn Thanksgiving Dessert Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Candy Corn Coloring Pages

See more funny and realistic turkey coloring sheets here.

6. Happy Thanksgiving Banners

Print these as banners, posters, signs or greeting cards. It's fun to have a Happy Thanksgiving banner in the room or to send Happy Thanksgiving cards to family and friends.

Make them printable Thanksgiving cards by using your printer's booklet setting. The big turkey is my favorite Thanksgiving coloring page!

Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Give Thanks Coloring Page

Elegant Turkey Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Page

DIY Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Funny Eat Pork Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Pilgrim Turkey Hunter Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Printable Thanksgiving Sign

Happy Turkey Day Coloring Page

Fuzzy Loves Thanksgiving Day!

One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving Day was sitting at the table coloring pictures with my brothers and sisters. My Dad would light the fire in the fireplace and Mom would be cooking up fun treats to eat at Thanksgiving dinner. It was extra special when the fall leaves were bright and colorful.

You can color the pumpkins shades of yellow and orange. Corn can be yellow and green. The turkeys and cornucopias can be shades of brown. I like to leave white spaces on my turkey feathers and add some little splashes of red color.

The pilgrims were simple people and they did not have much so their clothes are brown and their hats and shoes are black. Their bonnets, collars, and aprons were white.

You might also like the fall and harvest themes on my

Thank you for coloring with Fuzzy!

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