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Cute Turkey Coloring PrintableThere are over 30 cute turkey coloring pages below.

Color with Fuzzy!

My favorite of these turkey coloring pages is the big gobbler with his bright red wattle and his tail fanned in a circle behind him. The other one is the huge wild turkey. He looks like the grandpa!

Did you know that the daddy turkey is called a tom and that the momma is a hen? Young ones are called jakes and jennies and little ones are called poults and chicks. 

~ Fuzzy

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  1. Detailed and Realistic Turkeys
  2. Cute Baby Turkey Coloring Sheets 
  3. Cartoon Turkey Printables

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1. Detailed and Realistic Turkey Coloring Pages

Enjoy some turkey love and wonderful farm and field landscapes here.

Detailed Turkey Coloring Page

Realistic Wild Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Hen Coloring Page

Woodland Turkey Coloring Page

Farm Turkey Coloring Page

Preschool Turkey Coloring Page

Advanced Turkey Coloring Page

Baby Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Outline Coloring Page

Harvest Turkey Coloring Page

Great Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Cut Out Coloring Page

Preschool and elementary school kids will love Fuzzy's ad-free PDF printable coloring pages. These digital coloring pages for kids and adults are fun to customize and color for preschool, kindergarten, and homeschool.

Add your name or write a birthday message in your favorite fonts, SIZES, and colors. You'll love using my interactive coloring pages to print! See my main page for more info on digital downloads.

  • Use your printer's booklet setting for birthday cards.
  • Use the multiples setting for doll sized printables two to four up.
  • Kindergarten children love these in school and at home!

Also, get your favorite crayons, coloring pencils, and watercolors ready for my relaxing adult coloring pages!

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2. Cute Turkey Coloring Sheets

Cute Kindergarten Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Love: Two Turkeys And Hearts Coloring Page

Momma Turkey Hen Coloring Page

Cute Little Turkey To Color

Cute Pilgrim Turkey Coloring Page For Kids

Pappa Turkey Coloring Page

Simple Turkey Coloring Page

Easy Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Chick Coloring Page

Young Turkey Coloring Page

3. Cartoon Turkey Coloring Pages

Friendly Cartoon Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Pie Cartoon Coloring Page

Cartoon Farm Turkey Coloring Page

Funny Cartoon Turkey Coloring Page

Farmyard Cartoon Turkey Coloring Page

Silly Cartoon Turkey Coloring Page

Cartoon Turkey Chase Coloring Page

Big Eyed Cartoon Turkey Coloring Page

Eating Turkey Pie Cartoon Coloring Page

Fuzzy Loves

30+ Turkey Coloring PagesChoose fall colors for a bright effect.

Children like it when you spice up your fall activities with an "Over the hills and through the woods" theme like turkeys. Toddlers like the farm themes and turkeys for Thanksgiving Day and the Christmas holidays.

I like to set out the fall colors for the leaves and pumpkins and show the children that the pictures can have green or brown ground with a blue or yellow sky.

It's great to show preschoolers that they can use different colors in the tom turkey's tail, red for his gobbler, yellow for the buckle on the pilgrim hat. They like having your ideas, yet it's also fun to see what colors they invent.

Neat Turkey Coloring SheetsBeautiful autumn scene with turkeys.

More creative kids can sprinkle corn on the floor for the turkeys to eat and straw for them to scratch. When you're figuring what to prepare for several children, it's fun to allow for the child who wants to make the turkey's tail a rainbow of colors.

Kindergartners love sending Grandma and Grandpa a turkey greeting card for Thanksgiving. This is super easy to do if you set your printer setting to "booklet". This prints the right side of the paper so you can fold it in half either horizontally or vertically to make a card with a cover. These pages are customizable, so you can also add a message to the picture for a sweet personalized effect. 

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Turkey Coloring PageThis is my favorite turkey coloring page! ~ Fuzzy